Honda Nighthawk Motorcycles

Honda introduced the Nighthawk in the 1982 model year. It was initially produced in three sizes, the CB450SC, CB650SC & CB750SC models. All of these models borrowed heavily from the existing CB models, yet there were enough styling and substantive improvements to warrant designating them as new models.
In 1983 Honda redesigned the CB650SC Nighthawk, producing a package which rivaled other companies 750's, including shaft drive, self adjusting cam chains, improved braking, handling, ergonomics, and visual appeal. From 1984 to 1986 Honda introduced the largest U.S. Nighthawk, the CB700SC. The 550 was dropped after the 1983 model year. The 450 was not produced in 1984, but was reintroduced in 1985 & 1986 model years. The 650 saw it's last production in the 1985 model year.
In 1991, Honda resurected the Nighthawk series with the CB250 model. Since the new Nighthawk was introduced, Honda has wisely left the design unchanged even though some small changes saw their way through.
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Honda: Nighthawk 1986 honda cb 700 sc nighthawk s

Honda: Nighthawk 1986 honda cb 700 sc nighthawk s

- $2,300.00 3d 4h 1m

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